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Come and Get It's graffiti-style sign suits their temporary status.

Is it possible that Queen and Spadina is replacing King and Portland as ground zero for inventive, affordable, and delicious food in downtown Toronto? First Banh Mi Boys opened with their tightly focused menu of cheap deliciousness and now Come and Get It has opened around the corner.

Come and Get It's menu has a pleasingly simple matrix-style.

Come and Get It’s menu has a pleasingly simple matrix-style. Click for a larger version.

Through a matrix-style menu, each of Chipotle Short Rib, Hawaiian Pork Belly, Granny Smith?s Chicken Caesar, and Herbed Crunchy Green Beans are served as an $8 sandwich, a $9 salad, or a $7 poutine. The sides menu follows the obvious options of fries ($3), salad ($4), or poutine ($5)?and sandwich combos add fries and a drink ($11), salad ($12)?and drink ($13), or poutine and a drink.

The Chipotle Beef Salad from Come and Get It.

The Chipotle Beef Salad from Come and Get It.

That seems like a very tight selection but it allows a pretty remarkable range of options. Nothing could be closer to a meat-lover?s heart than the poutine garnished with chicken skin that we tried; but equally the crunchy bean sandwich is getting rave reviews from the veg crowd. In between, balance is struck with options like the beef salad we enjoyed particularly for the little details like crispy onions as garnish and savoury mushrooms.

Come and Get It's Hawaiian Pork Belly sandwich could use a slightly more intense pineapple flavour--maybe by carmelising the fruit.

Come and Get It’s Hawaiian Pork Belly sandwich could use a slightly more intense pineapple flavour–maybe by carmelising the fruit.

Getting into the good books of a variety of customers that range from the health-minded lunch crowd straight through to the give-me-grease now late-night set is important for Come and Get It because they?ll only be around for a short while. The condo developers who own the building rented the space that used to be Ackee Tree on the understanding that it would be a temporary gig of uncertain duration.

Surely when poutine is served in heaven it's garnished with chicken skin.

Surely when poutine is served in heaven it’s garnished with chicken skin.

The furniture carries the temporary theme through by a nearly unanimous display of laminated chipboard. The retro highlights reach their pinnacle in the form of vintage lunch boxes that hold condiments and also Archie comics (premium Betty and Veronica Double Digests at that).

From talking to the staff they?re sanguine about the temporary status: They?d like to be there for a year or more but know that condo developers aren?t in the landlord business so will take however many months they can get. Go while you can especially if you find yourself at Queen and Spadina during their non-peak hours.

Come and Get It:?170 Spadina Avenue, Toronto; 647-344-3416; Tues to Sat 11 AM ? 9 PM (hope to add late-night hours soon), closed Sundays and Mondays;?@ComeandGetIt416.

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